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The Partnership Bundle

The Partnership Bundle

$ 10.00

This special bundle includes 4 powerful books by Dr. Philip D. Derber that will help you gain a well rounded understanding of how God uses our natural resources to connect us to the fullness of the supernatural resources of heaven. 

1) Partnership - This book will help you gain a working understanding of the benefit of Biblical partnership.

2) Headship BlessingThe subject of headship in the church is for the most part either misunderstood and ignored, or its understanding is twisted and abused. In this book Dr. Derber dives into the Word of God to reveal Biblical truth on the important subject.

3) The Restitution of all ThingsThe word restitution means three things: a giving back, a paying back, and a restoration. In this book Dr. Derber opens the Scripture and uncovers the 'all things' that God has said He would restore to His people, so that we can believe God for them, and so that the church can be the sign to the world God wants her to be.

4) The Tithing Covenant - There are many different opinions and teachings concerning the tithe, some for and some against. How do we arrive at a definite conclusion concerning this extremely important subject? We must look into the Word of God and dig out the truth. In this book, you will find the answers to common questions concerning the tithe.